Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Otakon 2013

Late post.... gomen! (Sorry!)

Last month, I went on a road trip to my very first Otakon!!! A con that I've been wanting to visit for years... and I finally made it.

Otakon celebrated their 20th anniversary and the guest list was pretty crazy awesome, including Madhouse Studio's founder Masao Maruyama, Director of "Cowboy Bebop" and "A Kid's Story" in the Animatrix Shinichiro Watanabe, "Sword Art Online's" Shingo Adachi, "Oreimo's" Hiroyuki Kanbe, and more.

 The overall goal of the trip was to see Japanese singer, T.M. Revolution (and possibly Abingdon School Boys; everyone came but the DJ/keyboarder dude) but then I found out right before leaving home that Yoko Kanno, Home Made Kazoku, and Chiaki Ishikawa were going to be there as well so I became even more pumped to go. I've been a huge fan of everyone (except Chiaki, I was familiar with one of her songs but after seeing her show, I'm a fan now hahahaha) for almost 10 years so this was a HUGE con for me. 

I wore some Japanese fashion on Friday; a shirt I bought last year from Ibi's Sixh. line (and FINALLY wore it that weekend LOL). Saturday I walked around as a raver girl. Sunday was pretty relaxed (since all I could do was stand in line for 4 hours for Yoko and Chiaki's concert and then after the concert ended, so did the con basically. Which was fine with me.... those concerts were amazing.

Home Made and TMR were beyond a doubt amazing as well. I managed to befriend some REALLY COOL people that weekend and we helped each other tackle the lines for the concerts (getting tickets, etc)... everything was happening simultaneously but with careful planning and great instincts we managed to sit comfortably centered in the 2nd row. Also, Home Made gave me a high five during the concert, danced with me, and even had a little exchange where they had everyone in the stadium say "Daijobu" ("It's okay/alright") after I said it! LOL!!! (yes, I'm fangirling haha)... As for TMR, I danced and head banged the whole time, especially during "Naked Arms"hahahaha! 

What else.... OH! The cosplay was absolutely gorgeous. Never have I seen so many top tier cosplayers in one place before. The people, the buildings... the whole con was a sensory overload. I've already decided that I'm going to try to go next year *nods*

Anyway... enjoy the pics down below! =^_^=



Cosplayers! :D

The crowd spilling in for Home Made and TMR's concerts...

Home Made's Japanese fans =^_^=

Stages for Home Made Kazoku, TMR, & Yoko's grand piano under
the sheet next to the keyboard for Chiaki's performance.

A pic TMR tweeted after the show... there I am in the
white wig and purple shirt by the stage LOL

Holding the drumstick from TMR's band :D

Ticket for Yoko Kanno & Chiaki Ishikawa (cute!)

Roaming the halls at night, very pretty...

Anime Chad, haha... : )

                                               Yoshi getting the crowd pumped LOL

(came up out of those boots, yea LOL)

See ya next year! =^_^=

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