Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pocket Con 2013

Last month, the 2nd annual Pocket Con convention was held at the Gary Comer Youth Center in Chicago. I sold my work there as well as spoke on an anime panel along with other artists. There was music and dancing, and a special performance by rising hip-hop group, Terra 5. 

Gene Ha and Larry Stroman were in attendance, as well as "Dreadlocks" creator, Andre Batts, and "Malcolm 10"'s Turtel Onli. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Black Age of Comics movement, Onli was surprised with a cake featuring his work.

All around, it was a very fun and inspiring day. Definitely looking forward to next year! Follow Pocket Con on their official facebook page:

Pocket Con is a single-day comics convention for Chicago teens. It focuses on work by artists of color and other underrepresented groups. 

The beginning : )

Larry Stroman, Gene Ha, Elgin (Pocket Con coordinator)

(left) Gaiter & Steven Jay Scotty of Rotten Apple Comic
(right) A young boy shows off his art skills : )

(left) Me with the great Larry Stroman
(right) Scotty & I

(left) Tony Williamson, director of the upcoming documentary, "Carbonerdious",
and his family stopped through : )
(right) Paparazzi caught Larry and I chatting haha...


Jiba Anderson sharing his thoughts during the anime panel discussion.

Terra 5 at the anime panel.

(2 pics directly above) Turtel Onli, Ytasha Womack, Stanford Carpenter,
and Andre Batts talk about their work and more during a panel.

Terra 5 performs ^_^

Cake celebrating 20 years of the Black Age of Comics movement,
featuring Turtel Onli's work.

(left) Tera 5, (right) Ytasha and I : )

(left) Having fun with Andre Batts & LaMorris & his wife
(right) Wesley Sun 


Gene Ha said...

It was a pleasure meeting you there! I assumed at first you were just an especially creative cosplayer. How rare and special to find out that you're a talented and expressive inker. You might meet a promising young artist at a convention. But how rare and special to meet one with serious inking chops, and with such an expressive line. Wishing you all the best, and eager to see where you end up next.

Ashley Woods said...

Hey! It was a pleasure meeting you as well! Admired your work for a while... Thank you very, very much... that means a lot! I will continue to work hard.