Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still Alive (been listening to a lot of Big Bang, haha)

Hey, hey! So sorry for the lack of posts... the reason behind it? A mix of burning out and laziness / procrastination. Got a lot more on my plate than ever. I've been trying to finish things on my list so I can move on to other important matters but then it dawned on me: I can't do everything by myself like I once thought. Well, I can't do everything in a short amount of time by myself like I once thought. I've been running low on energy for a little while now, and I'm not getting any younger. Perhaps I should start taking vitamins. My diet is horrible, too. I should change that as well.

I spent the rest of 2011 just chilling with friends and working. I dyed my hair a blondish color and got a nose ring as well. Been experimenting with makeup a little more, too. People who apply makeup religiously everyday are amazing. It's a bit time consuming, but still fun to do. I've also gotten into circle lenses. My friend, Lisha, showed me a site called pinky paradise where she gets her lenses. I really love the whole doll-like effect it gives your eyes.

As of lately, I'm finishing up the last of my freelance. There's a new project I've been writing in my notebook during my spare time so I'm really looking forward to starting it. It'll be a yuri (girl's love or girl on girl). A lot of people are used to me only drawing fantasy related things so I'm excited to see what they'll think about it once it's done. I'm thinking of illustrating it in black and white, with traditional tones one would see in manga. I also want it to be a complete story in a single graphic novel.

That's about it. Here's some random pics from mid to end 2011. Hope everyone who's been following my blog has been taking care.

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Anonymous said...

You're gorgeous. I love your art and have been reading "Millennia War" for a while. Don't disappear again.