Thursday, December 20, 2012

Self Portrait ♡

Me : )



Quick portrait of my friend, Sam : )



Quick portrait of my friend, Lisha : )



MW's Taija x Ninja Ash

Drew myself along with Taija from my comic, "Millennia War" haha... Enjoy : )


Ninja Ash

Drew myself as a ninja haha...


Cannon Girl

An idea I had stuck in my head for a while...



Drew a quick portrait of fellow artist, Shawna Mills : )


Overdue Post - New York Comic Con 2012

Been really busy, thus my late post. GOMEN NASAI!!!! (Sorry!!!)

This was my first New York Comic Con and I had a blast. I am definitely going to try to make this into an annual trip. I stayed with a friend in Brooklyn and took the #2 train back and forth there everyday.

The whole weekend was all about the Walking Dead. Unfortunately, I missed the panel BUT I had a good reason... I was out networking haha! I tried to make it, but the staff let the crowd in a half hour early so I just walked off and continued to network (though I was a bit sad that I couldn't get in). 

The whole con was sold out and the convention was packed to capacity. Saw a lot of games I wanted to play but couldn't quite reach them due to the thickness of the crowd so I just appreciated them from afar, haha. I went to a few panels including Danny Choo's from Culture Japan. He has an amazing blog that I've been following since February this year. I became an instant fan of his and was very surprised to see him included on the NYCC guest list. I also bumped into Kevin Grevioux (mostly known from the Underworld movies as the Lycan, Raze). He was very nice and approachable. Even more amazing, he recognized me because of my work. Meeting him was definitely the best part of my trip.

Anyhoo, enjoy the photo dump : )