Monday, September 6, 2010

First Glimpse at "Agents of Sleep"

I spent most of yesterday working on two of my freelance projects, one of which I'm providing pencils for J2D2's new upcoming comic, "Agents of Sleep". I'm basing my sketches off of John's concepts and Damian's script, however, they're still giving me creative freedom to do whatever I like with the overall design. Which is pretty cool!!!!

This sketch depicts the story's 15-year-old protagonist, Malody Jenkins, in her jammies... just basically looking cute. The story deals with nightmares and such and is overall pretty deep.

I think I'm gonna go ahead and further render this piece since I like it a lot :D


Charlie "FAB" Goubile said...

Looking forward to this, A very unique team. Keep up the good work Ashley "Hoods!" :)

samax said...

I just saw John's inks/colors of this yesterday on Facebook. This is gonna be an awesome comic