Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Issue #6 NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

YEE-HAW! (roflol)

My latest issue for the "Millennia War" series is now available on millenniawar.com & indyplanet.com!!!

The cover features the newest member of the MW fam, Taija... She appears to help out main character,Hannah, and the gang out of a tight spot, but will she stick around long enough to make their cause her own? Packed with action and big surprises, key characters begin to reveal their true roles in the major events that has come to pass. The line separating friend and foe is now being blurred and Hannah learns the hard way that the company you keep can prove fatal.

Only a handful of people have purchased and read the latest installment so far before it hit the stores and online... Those who I knew personally went out their way to call me and tell me how much they love the direction the story is going, which gets me fired up even more to keep working hard.

Order your copy today from indyplanet.com and millenniawar.com!!!!