Thursday, December 17, 2009


I've joined this new all-female gamer group called, "Sugar Gamers", and even started another blog (sub-blog...?) within their blog where I talk about what I'm currently playing or looking forward to playing so if your interested in what games I like, read about it there! Even better, write back to me and tell me what games YOU like/ love/ hate (or what what game creators you'd like to hug / kick)... I wanna know! LOL!!!!


Friday, December 11, 2009

It's That Time Again...


Due to the crappy economy, there won't be many gifts under my tree this year but I'm just glad I lived to see another year. Was that too dramatic? *shrugs*

Right now I'm still preparing the first "Millennia War" graphic novel which will also include 2 EXTRA mini comics, one of them being a MW side story called, "No Time for Uncle". Me mum wrote it while I did the art and it's a pretty funny story. Please look forward to it!

Thanx, mom! LOL

Punx of Rage Commission

Some work I did for my friend, Joe, and his comic, "Punx of Rage".
Been sick a lot lately so I struggled a lil' to finish it sooner but I finally did after a few days in the bed *cries*