Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MW Issue #7 Cover

With issue #6 now under wraps, I've now turned my sights to working on issue #7 as well as the 'Millennia War' graphic novel consisting of the first 7 issues (#0-#6) slated for early 2010!!! OH-EM-GEE!!!! O_O

Besides having those issues in there (totaling over a whopping 180+ pages of comic art alone) there will be other goodies inside. So please look forward to it when it drops!!!


earl said...

Already? You stay on the move ash! Your promo cover for mw7 is awesome. I'll continue to wait patiently for mw6 to come out.

Ashley said...

LOL!!! This is actually an older illustration I drew back in December of 2007 and colored early 2008.

I just couldn't reveal it until the story caught up so that was a lil frustrating HAHAHA...

When issue #6 is back from the printers, you'll be the first to know :) The due date is December 17th.