Thursday, August 20, 2009

Millennia War #6 Cover

The moment everyone is waiting for is almost here!

Issue #6 will feature a few new faces, including the one gracing it's cover. Those who have been following my blog prolly remember Taija from an earlier post but she will finally make her debut next month. I'm very excited to introduce her and I know she'll be a hit among the fans. As for the other new characters, I'll leave them for the readers to discover. I don't wanna go showing everything off just yet, although those who have bought "Millennia War" from my website have received a promo flyer revealing those new people. Of course, you'll discover their roles in the overall scheme of things as the story progresses.

Look forward to it, everyone!


Also, down below are some of the color schemes I came up with for the flowers on the cover... With the help of my friends, the red ones were decided to be the best for this issue since we felt they reflected what happens in the story the best.


earl said...

I really like this stylish cover,especially with the red roses that's added on! She looks deadly in a sneaky way also. I wonder is she friend or foe?

Ashley A. Woods said...

thanx, earl!

you'll just have to read to find out!!!


Joe D. McFee said...

Impressive and inviting cover!!! The Nunchukels makes for an interesting contrast of calmness with the rose. Hopefully, you were going more for a Ninja effect versus royality.

omegared said...

keep up the good work..the cover looks great.

Ashley said...

thank you!

i was indeed going for a ninja effect =^_^=

i wanted to create my own versions of ninja in MW as you guys can prolly tell from the wardrobe

Sequential Soul said...

Superb cover, Ashley! So along with the illustration and inking, you also colored the cover?

Rick Olney SUCKS! said...

Looks absolutely fantastic!

Crowley said...

Hey Ashley,

Sequential Soul here is Rick Olney.
Read more about him here:

Just wanting to let you and everyone know, he's a terrible con artist.