Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Target Hope College Tour Feb. '09

Ever the busy lady, my latest adventure included me chaperoning a group of high school students for a Target Hope college tour. We traveled over east, visiting Howard University in Washington, D.C., Hampton University in Virginia, and finally North Carolina A&T. Not only did I help keep things in check, but I also served as a sort of media person, taking pictures and recording various things for the upcoming Target Hope promo video.

What is Target Hope? Well, it's a program that I joined when I was in high school... Created by Mr. Euclid Williamson, the program prepares high school students for college grade wise and mentally. There are Saturday classes in Math, History, etc. and then there are the college tours that occur about once a season... The program even exposes college students to grad schools.

Yours truly and my fellow chaperon taking a pic inside the Target Hope tour bus in D.C.

Howard University

Inside the library at Howard

Group pic at Howard

One of the buildings at Hampton University

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Charles said...

Aww you were in Hampton?? I stay like 10 minutes away from Hampton University. It looks like you had fun!