Saturday, August 16, 2008

The "Millennia War" Online Store!

Read the "Millennia War" comics and can't get enough of Hannah, Saya, Nevel, and the rest of the gang? No problem! Get your fix with the trendy "Millennia War" merchandise from the official online store! Collect buttons, stickers, coffee mugs, apparel, and more! Visit to preview the comics and subscribe to the newsletter at the store to learn about new comic releases, convention appearances, and new products available in the store!!!

http://www. cafepress. com/millenniawar

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Colin Harris said...

Hi Ashley

Just wondered if you could give me a brief run down on how you produce your work. Im still finding my way around putting stuff on the net and even colouring so just wondered how you did it. With me I draw stuff on A3 paper, photocopy it, scan it, reduce it then maybe add colour. Do you use a graphic tablet and Photoshop?

Sorry for all the questions but all advice will be appreciated!

Good luck with your work

Best wishes,

Colin :)