Saturday, August 16, 2008

The "Millennia War" Online Store!

Read the "Millennia War" comics and can't get enough of Hannah, Saya, Nevel, and the rest of the gang? No problem! Get your fix with the trendy "Millennia War" merchandise from the official online store! Collect buttons, stickers, coffee mugs, apparel, and more! Visit to preview the comics and subscribe to the newsletter at the store to learn about new comic releases, convention appearances, and new products available in the store!!!

http://www. cafepress. com/millenniawar

Millennia War #4 NOW AVAILABLE

Yo, yo!

"Millennia War" issue 4 is now available on indy planet!!! Excited? I am... It's 40 pages of sheer fun! Some people already read it and their response was (and I quote, LOL) "the most intense issue yet"! Another was "a lot happened in this issue... this story's gonna be big". I was more than pleased to hear that!

So with that shameless promotion outta the way, go to and type "Millennia War" in the quick-find box to purchase your copy today! GO! GO! GO!

This is NOT the official cover. Official cover @ View at your own risk unless you've already read issues #0-#3!!!

Expect issue #5 in October!