Monday, June 30, 2008

a few more WW '08 pics...

couldn't fit these in the previous post...

also, my friend and co-writer of 'Millennia War' made his convention debut this weekend... Michael Smith II!!! LOL! that's him posing with the girl in the red puckering her lips, LOL. he graduated from columbia college 3 years ago with a B.A. fine arts in Film/Video. he loves to write scripts so i thought he'd make a great co-writer. so far i'm happy LOL.

'Millennia War' @ Wizard World 2008!!!

YAY!!!!! ^_^

'Millennia War' had another great convention, selling a lil over half of the 400 books in stock, plus t-shirts and posters. so i'm very happy....

hung out with some industry professionals, including khary randolph, rodney ramos, and mike norton and more.

everything was pretty perfect except for michael turner dying. my legs went numb when my mom told me the news... i collected all the soulfire comics and had him sign them when i met him 2 years ago at another wizard world... R.I.P., michael. xoxo

Commissioned Art

I finished this pinup of Tixmion the Faerie for the Force Galaxia character bible a lil over a week ago... the white glow around her is her special beam, composed of tiny faeries... instead of having her shoot the beam from her hands, i decided to do something different and have the faerie beam frame her. the dark clouds and stars are supposed to remind you of outer space in a sense...

Friday, June 20, 2008

"Millennia War" #4 Cover

tee-hee! ^_^

i love teasing my readers. "Millennia War" is notorious for it's cliffhangers but i felt compelled to reveal one secret right away -- on the cover. for the fans who read the series up to now, you should know who this is already...

"Millennia War" #4 will be available soon... (see! i told you the wait would be shorter! *wink*)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Found This From College....

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE asian pop/rock music. I actually love all music, doesn't matter the genre or who made it.

Point is: I was going through folders in my room and found this pic I made in Illustrator of Ayumi Hamasaki back in freshman year of college. I just stared at it for a while, reminiscing on how I had just discovered the wonders of J-pop and J-rock and how Ayumi Hamasaki was one of the first artists I had listened to. She became one of my favorites and so I recreated her image in Illustrator as some kind of fan piece or whatever. I then tweaked it in Photoshop...

Ah... good times. I should do one of Gackt and Hyde... =^_^=

Monday, June 9, 2008

Millennia War #1 on Indy Planet

"Millennia War" is now available on!

Here's the direct link to preview and purchase the issue:

This is the 2nd issue in the series and so far the first four issues have been published, with the 5th issue (#4) completed this month. The books have taken on a bi-monthly schedule and so far I have been able to keep up with it! ^_^

I just wish indy planet posted books in their online store more often...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sneak Peek of "Millennia War" #4...

I've been working hard, slaving away on my art among other things. Thought I'd just post a page from the latest book in the series, "Millennia War #4"... show you guys that I haven't disappeared.

Preparing for Wizard World Chicago, June 26th-29th... Rock and Roll, beh-beh.