Thursday, August 2, 2007


These are "paintings" I did in Photoshop about 6 months ago... I was challenged by a certain person to see how far I could push myself. I rarely draw environments unless they're in my comic, 'Millennia War', and I paint realistically even less. Perhaps I should take up this technique more often...

I used pictures for references; the pic with the building was the first one I did and I repainted it without the people that were standing by the bench like in the original pic.


earl said...

Damn. For A Experimentation,You Really Know How To Use Photoshop.I Like The Texture You Did On The Building And You Even Put A Little Snow On Top Because Of The Environment.The Background You Did Is Spectacular.I Can Picture Myself Being There.Especially How The Heat Is Right Now.

The Mountain Picture Is Real Cool.You Used A Lot Of Ice In The Mountains.Even Though The Ice Is Melted On The Side You Still Get A Chill.

I Didn't Forget The Sketch You Did.You Did A Really Great Job On It.I Can't Wait To See What Will You Do Next.You've Come A Long Way.

Can't Wait For Your Next Comic Book.

William Anderson said...

I know I am late of giving you your dues but those two peice are extremely well done. from there perspective to your color usage.

again amazing job.

ps I think I got get my hands on millena war, you concept work is sick.

Ashley A. Woods said...


Yes! Hurry and buy millennia war!!! (LOL)

The perspective isn't really mine, as I had said it was a photograph my teacher gave me to copy. It was a lot of work to recreate those images, however it was well worth it. ^^